Figurative Painter and Sculpturer

Whistlers dog ( an after thought on Whistlers "Arrangement in Grey and Black )

Forside til bogudgivelse -

"Efter alle kunstens regler "

af redaktør for Kunstavisen,

Tom Jørgensen

Opus Magnum 70x50cm Oil on canvas

The Corner 80x60cm Oil on canvas

The Phone call 80x60cm Oil on canvas

On shaky ground 55x45cm

Let`s get lost 45x80cm

MODERN ICONS - Portraiture going beyond the mask to expose a larger story

David Bowie, Black Star 90x65 cm

Madonna, Madolla`r

Detail See the original at Galleri Ros, Roskilde

Keith Richards,

Dalai Lama of Rock

Janis Joplin, Pearl

NEUROTICA - a Psycho-logic puzzle

Fellowship 110x90cm Oil on canvas

Circe 120x120cm Oil on canvas

Homesick 110x70cm Oil on canvas

Helen 130x90cm Oil on canvas

MIND JAM - turning traditional logic upside down with a humorous slant

Coffee to go 30x50cm

I only have eyes for you 40x30cm

Wine or cheese? 40x30cm

The Swan Pitcher 40x30cm

Lifes a joke 40x30cm

The babe wore red - you bore me 40x40cm x3


Sisters of the North 81x65cm


Dali Bulls Eye

Detail Oil on canvas



Marilyn Monroe Oil on canvas

Jim Morrison Oil on canvas

FRAGMENTALISM - Through individual and independent objects the whole will be revealed.

Neuropa 130x400cm

Change 80x130cm Oil on canvas

3D models - Table size

Enfant Mystique, painted Plaster

Enfant Mystique II

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