Room 1-5

Welcome to the gallery of artist Sanne Glissov, show casing a retrospective selection of figurative paintings, portraits and drawings, all presented in 9 rooms.

Enjoy the exhibition -           


The Last lullaby     80x60cm      oil on canvas

- In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

  It is up to us.              - Carl Sagan

The travel between two chairs    140x90cm    oil on canvas  

Spirit animals

Lust for Faith

The last Opus


The Island of Poetry, Thristan

The Island of Poetry, Isolde

A town without Pity   140x90cm     oil on canvas


On the river Archeron   80x60cm    oil on canvas

- painted for the third biennial exhibition og magic realisme, touring central Europe under the title, The devine Comedy  after the book of florian poet, Alighieri Dante

Whistlers dog    60x40cm   oil on canvas

Inspiration sourse: James McNeill Whistler ,The Artist`s Mother / Arrangement in grey&black,no 1.

Persephones return      90x60cm  oil on canvas


Leda and the swan

Hebe, the Gooddess of youth

Do you not hear the deeper song?

Spirit of Art     


Homesick        130x75cm       oil on canvas

Circe, the daughter of the Sun God, Helios




The human race   320x90cm    oil on canvas    pictorial frieze


Roommates        140x100cm    oil on canvas

  At the window

Getting ready


Sunday morning

Final decisionion


Colour of Music    65x40cm        Mixed media

Wine & Cheese

Banana split

I only have eyes for you

Fishing for Ideas

The moustache of Port Lligat  

All the work featured is Copyright  © Sanne Glissov - All rights reserved