Room 6-9

HUMORISM - a new witty ism started in Denmark 2010 by a group of Danish Artists in collaboration with gallery Knud Grothe 

 Erik the Red    60x45cm  oil on canvas 

Home sweet Home

Free time

Has anyone seen Toulouse ?

Ducktail blues

Hygge   50x40cm

Carpe diem

The Mouse trap


April in Paris    130x90cm      oil on canvas

Jim Morrison 1943-1971 -

Poet and enigmatic lead vocalist for the psychedelic band, The Doors.

This work became an obsession, trying to reveal the unseen and often dark side of the vulnerable creative psyche when exposed to the spotlight.

David Bowie  Dark Star

John Lennon & Yoko Ono    Give Peace a chance

This is my life   47x40cm

Kim Larsen  1945-2018

Danmarks nationalskjald - en gudsbenået spillemand og entertainer . Kendt og elsket som Gavflaben, Lune Larsen og den gamle hankat.

This is my life blev det første af  i alt fire værker med et humørfyldt samspil mellem 

Kim Larsen og Kasket Karl 

Keith Richards  Dalai Lama of Rock & Roll

Michael Jackson  Neverland

Madonna,  Ma`dollar


painting a portrait is one of my favorite diciplins and a powerful way to connect with others, while 

capturing and preserving one`s persona for the future.

All portraits shown are painted in oil on quality canvas in various sizes from 60x40 - 140x90cm      

Her Majesty Margrethe the II of Denmark

           Per Arnoldi  Grafic designer & Artist

  World renowned for his simplistic style often implemented in primary colours- red, yellow and blue.

Lars Børge Christiansen,  Founder and Director of Bygma Group, Denmark.

Commission sketch

Emma & Mia    Sisters of the North

Dan Turell, 1946 -1993   The grey man  -  Danish author, provocateur and lyricist 

STUDIES - Charcoal & chalk on paper      

The Little people - Mixed media

All the work featured is Copyright  © Sanne Glissov - All rights reserved